Episode Notes

On this episode of TAP, I unpack the three little words that are central to my teaching practice. Purposeful, sequential, and joyful are the three words that I keep at the forefront of my teaching practice. I wrote a blog postabout this in January, but wanted to take the opportunity to talk to you in my own voice about why these words are so important to me.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Why it’s important to make intentional decisions about what you’re including in your classroom.
  • Why developing a curricular sequence is essential to making things work in your classroom.
  • What JOY can do for your teaching practice.

My favorite resources for developing a sequence: Lesson Planning in a Kodály Setting by Rita Klinger | An American Methodology by Lamar Robertson & Ann Eisen | The Kodály Method by Lois Choksy

Anne Mileski Anacruisic

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