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Today on TAP, I’m chatting about one of the areas that I LOVE, but one that I’m still learning about and growing in myself—the children’s choir. In this series of episodes, all about back to basics, I think it’s important to share those things that are (or once were!) outside of my comfort zone. Conducting a choir? It used to be one of them. But I realize now, several years and choirs later, that leading a choir is still teaching music. And THAT, I was called to do.
On today’s part one of two episodes, I’m sharing all I’ve learned about choosing repertoire, structuring rehearsals, and planning performances. And, spoiler alert, it’s a lot of the same mindset stuff I talk about each and every episode: keeping it purposeful, sequential and joyful.

Choosing Repertoire:

  • Is it purposeful – What is the teachable moment or concept focus? It may be rhythmic or melodic based, but a large part of being a member of a choir is thinking about form and expression or part singing.
  • Is it sequential – How is this accessible to your students? What experiences have they had so far in your ensemble that has prepared them for what your teachable moment or concept focus is? How are you going to teach it? Mostly by rote, or with notation?
  • Is it joyful – YOU have to love it in order for your KIDS to love it.

Structuring Rehearsals:

  • Welcome Song & Activity
  • Physical & Vocal Warmups
  • Melodic/Rhythmic/Expression Focus
  • Repertoire Connections
  • Closing Song & Activity

For more information on how to plan your rehearsals and things to consider for each segment, download the FREE GUIDE below!

Planning Performances:

  • What is age appropriate for your kids? How can they best demonstrate their learning and skill acquisition to this point?
  • Remember that beautiful unison singing is the first step.
  • If you want to add some enhancements to make your performance more “concert like,” think of places to add simple ostinati, body percussion, unpitched percussion, or movement. Keep it simple. Quality over quantity (or the flashy stuff!)

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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