Today on the podcast I’m answering questions from YOU, the Anacrusic community. These are questions that have been submitted via the Anacrusic Facebook page, the TAP Insiders Group on Facebook, or through Instagram. I absolutely love social media for this type of collaboration and conversation, and I’m so thankful to so many of you for being an active part of Anacrusic-land. If we haven’t connected yet, click the links at the end of the show notes and come say hi!!

Here are some of the questions you asked, and I’m answering today.

(1) Do you have any resources for end of the year procedures? This is my 4th year of teaching and I am always looking for ways to transition in to the next year a little smoother. HELP! (from Vanessa inside the TAP Insiders FB Group)

(1b) How do you keep 5th graders engaged when they know they are days from graduation? (from Rudiany via the Anacrusic FB Page)

(2) How do you keep students from being crazy during self-directed activities. Today I asked third grade to write a sixteen beat percussion part, and a group of girls ended up howling and clinging on each other? (from @chickinavan on Instagram)

(3) At a new school, how do you approach older beginners getting to enjoy music when they’ve not liked it before? (from Andra via the Anacrusic FB Page)

(4) What is the most difficult part of planning for you? How do you get through it? (from @the_musical_rose on Instagram)

(5) What area of education practice do you feel you are still growing in? (from @victoriaboler on Instagram)

(6) What are some of your career goals, dreams, and aspirations? (from @masterketchum on Instagram)

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