We’re coming off of two episodes where I shared some of my favorite resources for lessons, both curriculum guides and song collections, was well as some other things you can use to enhance your lessons by way of manipulatives, story books, and other little somethings to give it pizazz.

But the question still remains: how do you choose what songs to put into your lessons? How do you sift through all the things and pick the very best? And how do you ensure that your choices align with your school community and teaching philosophy?  Today I’m going to share the 5 criteria I use when selecting a song and deciding whether or not it is the magic sauce for what I’m looking to cultivate in my music classroom.

Other podcasts mentioned in this episode:

TAP 022: Kodály-inspired teaching with Brent Gault, where we talk about lots of things, including the term “quality” and selecting songs for your classroom. Click here to listen!

TAP 021: All About Learning Sequences, where I explain the Learning Sequence Framework, and the way that I scaffold concepts in my classroom to maximize music making and student engagement. Click here to listen!

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