Today on The Anacrusic Podcast, I’m chatting with my friend Kami all about her experience as a Kodály-inspired teacher. This is obviously a topic very near and dear and close to my heart, and Kami and I talk all things training, teaching practice, and how other pedagogical approaches really work together with Kodály-inspired teaching to create a comprehensive toolkit for music teaching.

Hi! I’m Kami Nelson & I’m about to enter my 10th year of teaching music in Garland, TX. I am a Kodaly-inspired teacher and I love to talk about how the Kodaly method completely changed my life! I also recently took my first level of Orff training and can’t wait to incorporate the things I learned from that into my classroom. I was the shy girl that didn’t want to come out of her shell until my elementary music teacher helped me discover my love of singing. I hope to inspire other students to find themselves through music as well. I live in Royce City, TX with my husband, our little girl, and our sweet kitty. 

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