Today on TAP, I’m chatting with Anacrusic community member Bryson Tarbet about Special Learners in the Music Classroom. This is a topic that is pertinent to all of us as music teachers, since we so often see everyone in our building, and only for a limited amount of time. Bryson has some great tips for how to accommodate all of our students to make sure they have a fulfilling and meaningful musical experience–something that you can tell he is incredibly passionate about!

Hi there! My name is Bryson, and I teach PreK-6th grade music just outside of Columbus, Ohio. I’m currently in the midst of my Masters in Music with a Kodály emphasis at Capital University, and am loving every minute of it! I spent my first year out of college outside of the music classroom working with students with special needs. These experiences have broadened my views on inclusive music education, and I try to make sure all of my students have the opportunity to make music in whatever way that means for them. I share my experiences as a small-town traveling music teacher as That Music Teacher on social media, and love learning from the amazing educators that serve as my online mentors!

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