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Today on TAP, I have the great privilege to talk to Justin Hockey all about his experience teaching (and learning about!) music outside of the United States. Justin has a slightly different point of view than the episode earlier this season about teaching internationally, because he is a native Australian. It was so incredibly interesting to talk to someone who has literally lived and breathed music outside of The United States, the way the schools function, and how all of that has impacted his role as a music teacher.


Raised in Australia, I have spent the last three years living in East Asia, and the last two years teaching junior school music (that’s elementary for you folks in the US of A!) at an international school. A typical week at my school includes general music classes for students in Years 1 to 6 as well as after school co-curriculars for orchestra and choir.  I’ve taught in three countries and a number of schools, mostly middle and high school. I have degrees in music and education from the University of Southern Queensland, where I studied piano and played the trombone. Some of my favorite musical experiences have included overseas tours both as a teacher and student – but the number one thing I am passionate about as a music educator is enabling every child to fulfill their potential as a musician. I’ve been influenced by the Dalcroze and Kodaly approaches to music education. I believe everybody wins when everybody sings and none more so than our young musicians. 


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