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This week on TAP, I’m talking about all the things that have to do with professional development for music teachers. This episode is one of the longer editions of The Anacrusic Podcast, and even still is no where near comprehensive in giving you all the different ideas and options out there for music teacher PD. But if you’re looking for some fresh ideas to reinvigorate and refine your teaching practice, this is the perfect place to get started.

In this episode of TAP:

Resources & Links Mentioned in this Episode of TAP

Buckle up kids, cause this is A LOT of info! (*Full disclosure: some of the links below are amazon affiliate links. If you decide to snatch up one of these great resources, I’ll get an tiny kick back for recommending it.)


Don’t discount general education books! (this is just the tip of the iceberg!)

Levels Trainings

*Don’t discount general education workshops, conferences or sessions, as well as MUSIC focused. Going to a folk music festival, etc.

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