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You never thought your current reality would be possible, right? So why not use some of this time you’re stuck in the house to imagine something more. But first, I have a question…

I’m sure you’ve been asked this a time or two, and you’ve probably even done the asking YOURSELF. And sometimes it feels completely saturated with judgement before you’ve even thought about your response. 

Everyone is trying to figure out where they stand by comparing themselves to one another, as if our entire worth as a music teacher is wrapped up in a number…

So what’s the question?

How many hours do you spend planning?

I mean, what are we supposed to say?

I can’t even keep track, I was staring at my computer until midnight.

But friends, spending more time IN your lesson planning does NOT determine the quality of your music teaching.



The 3 Reasons You’re at a Lesson Planning Standstill

(and how to completely flip the script)


You don’t have a System.

The books are spread out across the floor, the desk, the piano, full of post it notes and marked up with highlighters. And your lesson plan is empty.  If you feel totally lost, you are not alone. The writer’s block you feel isn’t for any lack of ideas or musical inspiration, you just don’t know how to organize it…yet.

The magic pill: a process for how you organize your lesson, a fail-proof way to nail your learning target, and a method to picking the perfect songs and activities for each lesson.


You don’t have a Template.

Your music teacher bestie has the most beautiful lesson plans.

When you sit in on her class, the kids are completely mesmerized by every word or note out of her mouth, you wish that you could make that magic happen, but you have no idea how to structure a lesson.

What you really need: a flexible template that you can drag and drop for any lesson, any grade level, and any concept that you teach. A loose structure that helps you get more intentional and properly pace your lessons, and makes it insanely easy and efficient to plan each week.



You don’t have a PLAN.

When you finally get pen to paper, it’s aimless. Nothing follows, it feels erratic, and doesn’t have the intention that you long for… for both you and your kids. Your lessons feel like single events in time, instead of the purposeful, sequential, and joyful curriculum you long for.

The catalyst for change: a no stress, natural way to assess your students. A way to take their temperature each and every week, so you know exactly where they need to go next.


You may have a ton of kids to teach. You likely have 4, 5, or even 6 different grade levels you need to prep for on a weekly basis, for 1 or 2 lessons… or even more!! That could be as many as 12 DIFFERENT lessons a week. And without a system, a template, or a PLAN in place? I mean… no wonder you’re exhausted!!  You have all the power you need to make a change.

And I’m here to offer you the process to toss the glasses aside and put on your superman cape, once and for all.  It’s the stuff they forgot to teach you in college methods class, and I know it will completely transform your weekly lesson planning.

What you really need is a system to completely streamline your weekly planning, a template to make everything plug and play so you can plan effectively and efficiently, and a PLAN that makes putting pen to paper, and crafting the perfect lesson 100% on autopilot. Then you can make intentional weekly planning a joyful part of your #teachermusician life too.


So I’ve decided to opened the doors to Powerhouse Planning.


But listen. If it’s not the right time for you, and life feels too uncertain or too crazy, I get that.  But if you want to take the next steps in simplifying your lesson planning and refining you teaching process, the doors are literally wide open. We’ve already welcomed in some amazing music teacher friends inside the community who are ready to literally seize the day and get more intentional in their teaching.

The question is, are you? Click here to make it happen —> anacrusic.com/plan

I can’t wait to see you inside. 

Anne Mileski Anacruisic

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