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Today on The Anacrusic Podcast, I’m talking with my good friend and virtual music teaching expert, Michelle Rose. Michelle has been playing this virtual music teacher game since before the rest of the world took the plunge. She has tons of advice for music teachers who are navigating this new-to-us space, and I know you’ll gain so much from this episode, whether you’re teaching in real life, virtually, or in another form of music teaching delivery.

Three things you’ll learn from Michelle on today’s episode:
  • (1) Why you should only focus on one new thing at a time, especially with tech
  • (2) Creating boundaries between work and personal life when you’re teaching from home
  • (3) Trusting your musicianship, no matter how you’re being asked to teach
Michelle is an online music teacher who teaches middle school general music and high school music appreciation. She also directs the extracurricular virtual instrumental and vocal ensembles at her school. Michelle is an active teacher-author who creates resources for music teachers and writes for her blog, The Musical Rose. In addition to teaching and writing, Michelle is a sought after clinician, presenter, and panelist frequently presenting for numerous conferences and districts. Her most recent book, Teaching Music Online: A Comprehensive Guide for K-12 Music Educators, is a balance of practical advice, innovative teaching strategies, and educational philosophy designed to help teachers transition into online music education.

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